Psilocybe Cubensis grows best in the most favorable conditions. This fungi is one of the more popular species among mushroom hunters. When properly collected and stored, this fungus can last up to 20 years. It is easy to grow and produces mushrooms that have a distinctive, yet pleasant flavor. If you want to learn how long does it take to grow psilocybe cubensis, here are some factors to consider.

The first factor to consider is the growing conditions of the location you plan to grow your psilocybe. There are two different types of mushrooms that can be grown. They are completely natural and have no fertilizers or anything else added, or they are grown under laboratory conditions where other variables such as temperature and humidity are controlled. Growing in a shady area with moist and cool temperatures is probably the best way to get a good crop of psilocybe, but you must also make sure that it receives enough sunlight and has plenty of nutrients and water to grow properly.

As far as when it grows, the time will depend on the species of psilocybe and how it responds to its growing environment. The more experienced mushroom hunter will be able to determine the exact time it takes for certain species to mature. Some species mature much sooner than others. Some species can grow at a rate of about half an inch a month. Others may even multiply that quickly.

Harvesting and storing your mushrooms can take a few days or up to a week or more. The quality of the growth often depends on how long it took to get to the stage of full growth. It is best to collect them immediately after they have opened and when you see them beginning to open up. You should remove them immediately from any acid or heat source, then store them in a cool, dark place. Some people like to freeze their mushrooms, but this is not recommended, as the freezing will kill the spores and cause loss of shape and structure of the mushrooms.

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Once you know how long it takes to grow psilocybe cubensis, you will want to know what type of environment will best support the mushrooms. Most people keep their mushrooms in terrariums or air-conditioned greenhouses. This allows the psilocybe to get the right amount of light and air that it needs to grow properly. It is important to remember that you should never freeze your psilocybe. Freezing the spores will kill them, and you will end up with mushy mushrooms that will not taste any better than the ones that are picked off of the ground.

When collecting your psilocybe, you should be very careful to wash them thoroughly after picking them. Do not take chances with preserving your mushrooms by washing them in water or washing with soap. Wipe them with paper towels so as to keep the moisture away from the mushrooms. If you catch some mold on your mushrooms while collecting them, you can dip them into rubbing alcohol and scrub away the mold.

Once you have gotten all of your psilocybe cubensis mushrooms (including all of the caps), you will need to let them go on their own for a couple weeks. Remove the spore or the entire capsule from its package and place it in a cheesecloth. Set aside the cheesecloth for one week, then wash it and cut it into little pieces. Place those pieces into your pot along with your psilocybe.

Within two or three months, you will begin to see a full harvest. The length of time it takes to grow psilocybe depends on many factors, most of which have to do with the type of mushroom you are growing. However, there are some mushrooms that take longer than others to grow, like the black cap. If you are patient, patience is the key to growing mushrooms properly. You will eventually grow your own psilocybe, but it will take a little bit of time.

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