How long does it take to grow lavender? Lavender, like many of the other herbs that are used in culinary delights around the world, grows very well in containers. However, growing the plant from a cut leaf can be quite different from planting from seed. Here are some guidelines on how to cultivate and harvest lavender.

When growing lavender from cuttings, you need to prepare the soil to ensure it’s ready for planting. This includes removing any grass or earth that might be on the bottom of the container, digging a small hole for your plant to start out in, spreading some compost over the soil, and filling with water. If you’re using a garden hose to water the plant, make sure that it isn’t too strong, as it will only water the roots and not the foliage. Then, you’ll want to put a light layer of mulch over the soil to help protect it from burning.

After the soil is prepared, you should begin reporting your plant after about a month. You should remove the cutting that has the blooming buds on it and put this aside. After that, you should remove any weeds and roots that are blocking the way and re-pot the lavender in its original container. Do this up to two weeks before you plan on harvesting your lavender.

As far as the actual flowering process goes, it starts out looking just like any other lavender plant would. It begins to grow the larger leaves, called petals, and these will eventually turn into the lovely fragrance that people associate with lavender. After that, the main growth will develop and this will produce the long stems which can still be used for climbing or moving wherever you wish. When the lavender reaches this point, it’s time to harvest it.

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Harvesting your lavender is pretty simple. You simply have to take the plant’s lower leaf off. Make sure to cut at least two inches above the area where the flower buds are developing. Then, remove the uppermost leaf. This is what will produce the lovely aroma that you are trying to get out of the plant.

You can then cut off the remaining part of the stem and the middle portion, too. You will want to discard this material so that you can make room for the new leaves that are going to grow on the ends. If you leave the flower stems on the ground or exposed to rain water, you may end up killing the plants. For this reason, it is very important to cut off any dead or broken leaves that you come across. This is also the time to inspect the roots of the plants for splinters or damage.

It takes about two years to grow lavender from a cutting. Some experts suggest that you should prune the plants every couple of weeks in order to prevent the plant from getting too tall. If you don’t want the lavender to reach its full height, you just have to cut off some of its branches so that it will grow in a more manageable form.

The final part on how long does it take to grow lavender is related to how much sun your lavender receives. Lavender grows best when it gets as much exposure to the sun as possible. This means that you should place the plant next to a tall shrub or large tree. In areas where there isn’t a lot of sun, you may have to relocate the plant a little bit. With regular exposure to the sun and adequate watering, your lavender will bloom in no time.

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