A: The answer to your question is, “How long does it take for Orbeez to grow?” The answer depends on how much time you were able to spend growing them. If they were sealed in packages when you bought them, they will grow, however, if they were packed away and brought out a few days later, they may not grow at all. There is really no way to tell how long it will take, other than to give Orbeez a chance. If you are growing your Orbeez for the first time, you might be surprised at their exact growth time.

B: Once your Orbeez have been harvested, they must be prepared properly in order to germinate and start growing. Gently wash your Orbeez with clean water. If your Orbeez have already been packed away, soak them in water for a few hours to let all the extra water out. If you opened up the packaging, Orbeez will probably be damp, which is what you need to make them ready for planting.

C: When your Orbeez start growing, they will form round balls of polyps. They will stay like that until about the fourth week of growth. After that time, the polyps will turn into leaves and grow just like any other plant. At that point, the roots will go to work creating additional layers of soil and food for the Orbeez. Continue to monitor the Orbeez as they grow for two weeks after they have been plucked. If you see that there are any signs of mold or fungal growth, remove the seeds from the package and throw them away.

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D: A typical Orbeez kit will contain a colorful plastic bag with a sticky pad of paper on the underside. The actual Orbeez will not survive very long in the freezer at all, so you can expect to see about an inch of growth each day. Be careful not to put the bag into the refrigerator because the moisture in the air will kill the Orbeez almost instantly. After about two weeks, you should be able to remove the original bag and insert a fresh one into the Orbeez kit.

D: Most people enjoy playing with their Orbeez as a creative toy and for this reason, there are now different types of Orbeez kits available. These kits are great for beginning enthusiasts and can grow a tree house for a child. With these kits, you can easily create a three-dimensional, real tree house using just Orbeez and some scissors. These kits also include the necessary supply list for you to build your tree house. The real magic is in the imagination of the child and the way they let loose with their Orbeez in the real world like no one has ever seen. The trees made with Orbeez and the trees you build with them are like mini-museums that can hold hundreds of Orbeez in a perfectly balanced pyramid structure.

E: While most kits last for about three months, others have longer life spans. The Longitude Orbeez kit is most popular due to its incredible two-year life span. This kit is extremely versatile and can grow almost any kind of Orbeez in the water. This makes it very easy to replicate water sports like diving and sailing. It really doesn’t matter what kind of project you are trying to work on, the long endurance of these Orbeez make them a great investment for any starter.

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F: Most people are looking for a short burst of fun and excitement and the Orbeez Water ball kit delivers just that. Within its carefully chosen package of 40 beads (and counting) you will find everything you need to play in the water like fish, balloons and all kinds of other sea creatures. The fastest way to grow your Orbeez is with the water balls and the longer you use them the bigger they will grow. These balls can be stored in the cooler months and refilled with extra Orbeez for another round of fun. The cost of these kits are reasonable, depending on how many you buy, and they make a great gift for young and old alike.

G: These two factors along with how long the Orbeez can stay submerged in the water (about three hours) make up the value of your kit. These toys are not only fun but are also good learning toys for young and old alike. They will let you realize that when you are holding them in the air, they are still alive and can respond to your commands. The biggest consideration when deciding how long does it take for orbeez to grow is that the larger the Orbeez the longer it will take for them to dry out.