How long does it take for marigold to come into flower? Marigold is a very easy to grow plant and to have lovely blooms. In order to answer this question, you must know what marigold is and what it is used for. Marigold is the dried pods of the marigold flower that are about two inches in diameter. Marigold is the dried flower of the marigold plant, which is a member of the mint family. It is also a member of the lily family.

Marigold has been an ingredient in Italian cuisine since ancient times. It was considered a preservative and a flavoring agent. Marigold is still being used as an ingredient in Italian cuisine today. The reason for its popularity as a flower additive and preservative lies in marigold having anti-oxidants that can protect our bodies from free radicals.

As mentioned earlier, marigold is a dried flower that has been used for flavoring and as a preservative. The job that it does is by preserving food that has gone bad. It is commonly added to pastas and also used in many recipes. You can use it in a wide variety of ways from cooking to desserts and more. It has a distinct flavor and people really enjoy using it in their recipes.

How long does it take for marigold to begin to come into flower? This will vary depending on the different types of marigolds. Some types are more potent than others, which will add to the time it takes to see results. It also depends on how it is stored once it has been picked. If you store them too long or let them sit around for too long marigold will lose most of it’s flavor.

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How long does it take for marigold to fade? This will be dependent upon how long it is kept outside. When storing a flower inside or out it will not fade as quickly as if you stored it outside. The reason for this is simply because the heat from the sun does not have as much of an impact on the flower. Keeping it indoors or out will not cause any harm to the potency of the marigold.

How long does it take for marigold to fill a bouquet? It will depend on how many marigolds were added as well as what kind of flowers were used. Those with large blooms will fill more quickly than those with small blooms. Marigold can also take years to come to full maturity. Just remember that it will be even longer before the flower will fall and begin to wilt. When purchasing this type of flower it is important to purchase one that is guaranteed for at least ten years.

How long does it take for marigold to stay fresh? This depends on the manner in which it was stored. Storing marigold in a refrigerator will prevent it from fading as quickly, but it will also reduce the flavor. If you store it in a cool dark place like your refrigerator will work just fine. However if you want the flavors to last even longer, you should try to dry it out before keeping it in a cold area.

Is it possible to grow marigold in the garden? Yes, it is! Not only can you enjoy all the benefits that marigold brings by having it in your home, but marigold will thrive if it is grown in a garden. It will add a beautiful accent to any area of your garden and will flower for years to come.

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