How Long Does it Take For a Beardie to grow to full size? The exact answer to this question will vary greatly depending on a number of factors. For example, the gender of your bearded dragons, the age of your bearded dragons, and the particular breed they are. You should always ask breeders and experts in pet bearded dragons how long it takes for them to accomplish this so you do not waste time or money on rearing your bearded dragons that never fully grow.

The biggest determining factor on the age of your bearded dragons is… Their Diet! Like people, bearded dragons need a balanced diet to grow properly. Just like we must ensure that we eat a balanced diet to maintain health, your bearded dragons will need a balanced diet also to keep them healthy and strong as they grow older. If you do not change their diet once they reach adulthood, you are wasting time feeding them something that they are not going to enjoy which will lead to obesity and improper feather growth.

Bearded dragons reach their first year of life at about three to four inches long. They will grow until they reach their fourth year of life, which is about seven to eight inches long. By the time they reach their third year of life they will grow another two to three inches. When they reach their fifth year of life they will reach about ten to twelve inches long. In addition to their growth they will start to acquire large clumps of hair at this point. These are called bristle and are very important for their well-being.

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Bristle growth will continue until they reach their sixteenth year of life which is eighteen to twenty-four inches in length. This means that your beardie will be growing at a rate of about one inch per month. Once they reach twenty-four inches they will stop growing new hair so the growth stops for a couple of years. After the bearded dragon reaches this age they will turn into one of the most beautiful dragonflies you will ever see. Their color will become darker and they will start to have yellowish scales on their body. They will turn to their true colors after the last year of their life cycle.

There is no specific age when the bearded dragons will grow to these giant sizes but they do reach that point. Their appetites also increase as they get older. You will see a marked change in their eating habits when they are an adult. They will eat more than ever before and they will not eat just insects. They will eat many types of foods including snails, slugs and leeches.

It’s important to understand the factors that will determine the appropriate bearded dragon growth chart for your pet. The first factor is the size of your tank. If you have a large enough tank, the bearded dragons can grow to unbelievable proportions. Each pet store will sell a tank size chart.

Another factor to consider is the dragon size when it is fully grown. Bearded dragons reach their adulthood at four to six inches. That’s way too big for a beginner to handle so don’t even try to grow a dragon that big! When they are this large it is hard to imagine how they can actually eat all the food they need.

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In order to judge the exact length of your bearded dragons will reach once they are fully grown you will have to keep track of their growth throughout their life span. Their sexual maturity will help you determine how long does it take for your beards to grow to this giant size. Most breeders will allow you to select the size of tank you want your dragons to live in and will often give you a selection of different colors to choose from.