Many people suffering from hemochromatosis are wondering, how do you increase your hematocrit? This is the blood type that determines whether or not a person will have red blood cells with oxygen. Hemoglobin is the material in the blood that carries oxygen to the various parts of the body. It is composed of both proteins and non proteins, and it is this protein component that gives red blood cells their typical red color. The level of the hematocrit, or the amount of protein in the hemoglobin molecule, will determine how much oxygen is carried by the cells.

Your hematocrit can either be high or low, depending on what the issue is. If your hematocrit is high, it can actually be a symptom of sickle cell anemia. However, this is usually just an inconvenience and does not mean that you cannot live a normal life. There are ways to increase your hematocrit if it is too low.

First, let’s look at the cause of hemochromatosis. Hematocrit levels can be affected by many factors. You could have inherited it, you could have been born with it, you could have been exposed to certain medications that contained heme chemicals and you could have gotten it from being in a polluted environment. Basically, anything that causes the hemoglobin to break down is considered a risk factor for hemochromatosis. So, if you want to know how do you increase your hematocrit, consider these risks.

Anytime that you get a cut or an injury to your skin, be sure to clean the wound and avoid any further contamination. If the wound is on your scalp or somewhere that is covered in hair, wash it often and try not to touch the hair. This would avoid your scalp from being infected and the infection could spread to the hair follicles causing baldness. When you are cleaning your wound, make sure that you wash the area with rubbing alcohol to eliminate bacteria.

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If you take some kind of drug, be sure to let your doctor know. Some drugs, especially steroids, will alter the red blood cell production. As a result, you may suffer from low platelet levels, which would result in you having anemia. Anemia can cause you to be prone to infections and bleeding so it would be best to contact your doctor right away.

Heating is one of the leading causes of anemia. If you are too cold, your body has difficulty producing enough red blood cells. It would be best to get more exercise and drink plenty of water if you want to reduce your risk. Add more foods rich in Vitamin B to your diet or take supplements if necessary.

One of the ways on how do you increase your hematocrit is by reducing your stress levels. Stress can cause changes in the blood vessels and they would become weaker over time. This would in turn affect the distribution of nutrients in the blood and lower the production of proteins and other nutrients needed by the body. If you want to have enough nutrients to support your hematocrit level, you need to find ways to manage stress properly.

The best way to naturally increase your hematocrit and thus preventing anemia is through managing your diet. Eat more sources of iron-rich protein such as lean meats and fish. Include more green and leafy vegetables in your diet and don’t forget to take supplements if needed. By managing your diet well, you can prevent anemia and thus help to increase your hematocrit.

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Aside from having a well-balanced diet, you can also boost your hematocrit by taking supplements with vitamins. Vitamin E and B are considered to be a good source of antioxidants. Antioxidants help reduce free radical formation and thus preventing the cells from being damaged. Free radicals are one of the causes of tissue damage and aging. Antioxidants can therefore help prevent the damage caused by free radicals.

Another method on how do you increase your hematocrit would be to boost your immune system. By doing this, your body would be able to fight infections and illnesses. Boosting your immune system would not only help boost your hematocrit; it would also help improve your overall health.

Last but not least, drink plenty of water everyday. Water helps keep your body hydrated. It flushes out toxins and keeps your system operating properly. And most importantly, drinking lots of water would lower the chances of you losing red blood cells. Red blood cells are the ones that carry oxygen to all areas of your body, including your skin.