Are you interested in growing purslane in containers? Purslane is an herb that grows best in full sunlight. Growing Purslane in containers can be very beneficial to your health and taste much better than fresh. It is a perennial plant that has an aromatic oil that is harvested from the leaves. Growing Purslane can keep you from losing your vegetable crops to the winter winds. There are some easy steps that you can follow to ensure that your plants to grow to their maximum potential in containers.

You should start growing Purslane from cuttings. Cuttings stem from the same mother plant and grow towards the same direction. Be sure to make sure that you have a continuous border of at least one to two feet between each piece of stems. The width of your containers will depend on how you plant your Purslane. Full sun is what a plant needs to grow best indoors, so choose a sunny location for your containers.

When choosing which cuttings you will use, select ones that have the most usable leaves. Always try to select those with large and fertile leaves. Keep in mind that your cuttings will not have any of the scent that goes along with the plant when it is in its natural environment. If you are growing Purslane from cuttings, make sure you pick the ones that are heavily coated with resin.

When you transplant your Purslane from containers to your garden, remember to spread out the roots evenly. As you see your plant growing indoors, it will be easier for you to determine where each stem is. This allows you to easily tell the plants apart.

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The third tip to follow when growing Purslane from containers is to make sure your garden has a well drained area. A lack of drainage can prevent your plant from growing properly. This is especially important if your container garden is going to be an indoor garden. While you’re in the planning stages of growing Purslane from containers, do not forget to include drainage features in your garden.

Soil preparation is the fourth step to planting your Purslane from containers. You must prepare the soil prior to planting your crop. Soilless mixture can be purchased in most garden stores or nursery supply stores. Your containers may come with loose soil and your soil may need to be added. It is wise to add three-fourths of an inch of soil to the receiving potting soil. Never add rock salt to the potting soil.

Many gardeners start their plantings in half sun and half shade areas for better results. However, you can always plant your plants in a location that is well-drained soil and have your plants in full sun as well as in partial shade. However, keep in mind that plants in full sun will burn more easily than plants in partial shade.

The fifth step to preparing your Purslane from containers is to remove the plant leaves and stems cuttings as well as all soil and topsoil completely before starting the next step. Once the cutting process is complete you will then need to let your Purslane sit directly on the prepared surface. Planting the stem cuttings in the containers will help ensure proper stem development.

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The sixth step to planting your Purslane from containers is to place the soil in a shallow container. Add half of a cup of bone meal to the soil for each four inches of the container or plant footprint. Be sure to use a light sand or loamy soil. This will help ensure proper plant growth. It is also a good idea to apply a light layer of fertilizer. A good mulch with high nitrogen content will help your plants retain extra moisture.

The seventh step to planting your Purslane from containers is to remove the seeds need to germinate. To germinate your seeds you can use a hot water sock. Hot water socks work because they force air into the soil, which helps to germinate seeds. The best time to seed your Purslane is in spring just after you cut the plant off the stem. Your plants will go into a dormant state.

When the seeds are ready to sprout, they need to be sown at an angle so that they are at the right angle to receive adequate light from the sun. Sowing your seeds about six to eight inches deep in your garden soil will give them enough room to grow. After your plant seeds sprout, you can plant them about two to three inches away from your home. Keep your Purslane well watered at all times.