Genius GARDENING Hacks We used to be able to grow our own vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers indoors. The only thing that stopped us was the insects that seemed to always come in and out during the summertime. So many of our favorite vegetables and plants we bought during the winter were not edible until the spring. Gardening is a great form of exercise and also helps lower stress.

Many have become so frustrated with the frustration that they have turned to some sort of genius gardening hacks to get rid of these insects once and for all. It has become very popular to use gadgets like the Insect Zapper or to build your own little DIY bee house. But how do you know that hack will work best for your situation? What type of gardening hack will yield the best results? Here are some tips on which gardening hacks are helpful and some might surprise you.

Simple – Cut Off The Grass And Water The Garden This is a simple hack that works great. When it rains, all that grass just naturally goes into the drain. Well then when the rain dries out the ground the grass will go back to green like before. This will keep your garden from getting pests like sparrows or aphids. Just cut off the grass and water, pretty easy right? This solution can be applied anywhere but especially helpful around garden beds where there may be a lot of pests.

No-No’s And Other Tips For No-Till Success Don’t: Don’t Use Irrigation Systems Or Composting Bins – These are both methods that help your plants stay healthy by giving them the water they need in order to thrive and reproduce. Both of these methods can seriously damage your garden if not done correctly. If your plan is to grow food you don’t want to water your plants. Growing plants without food is like eating to a starving family.

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Use Of Water And Electricity Is A Must – It’s a well-known fact that gardens require lots of water to survive. However, this is also true that too much water is harmful to your plants and garden. This means it’s important to leave the electricity turned off while you’re gardening.

Do Not Use Soap Or Chemicals While Growing Your Garden – This includes soaps with harsh chemicals such as dyes and detergents. This also includes any plants that are planted above rows of soil. Chemicals can also dry out the soil making it unfit for growing plants. It’s best to use a non-toxic soap that is made just for gardens. This is easier than using synthetic chemicals.

Plan Your Garden Ahead Of Time – You’ll want to plan how your garden will look at different times of the year. You can also do this to make sure your garden remains beautiful even if it gets a lot of sun or rainfall. This is especially important if you have a large garden.

These are just three tips. There are many more tips that will prove beneficial to your gardening. In fact, I believe the tips I gave in this article prove very helpful. I have been able to grow my garden organically for a long time and it gives me much pleasure because I can do it myself.

I invite you to visit my website for more gardening ideas and to learn about gardening in general. You might also get some gardening ideas from this site. I have personally managed to grow vegetables all over the world, including some exotic ones! My website even contains a short eBook that has helped me a great deal in planning, designing, and building my garden.

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Gardening is a great hobby and is relaxing at the same time. It helps you relax and it keeps your mind active. Gardening can become a family activity too. You can have fun with your children while gardening together! Gardening is such an enjoyable and relaxing hobby.

Now that you have learned about these simple but effective tips, go ahead and plant your garden. Don’t worry if it doesn’t sprout seeds the first year – everything grows! And don’t hesitate to share your gardening success with others – it can be a great social experience! Best of luck! I hope you have a great Geniuses Garden!