If you are like many, your mother is probably still using the leftover make up from your prom and birthday parties to apply to your already lined eyes and smiling face. Of course, if she passed away, you would not be able to use any of this make up at all. No matter what type of skin you have or what color eyes you have, the cosmetics industry continues to produce cosmetics that we cannot seem to throw out. So, how do we legally recycle this makeup?

Cosmetics are made with ingredients that come from all over the world. Some countries do not allow companies to export their products unless they have a recycling plan in place. Some companies even go so far as to make sure that the ingredients used in their products are tested on animals before they are sent to be sold to consumers. Regardless, if you want to make sure that you are not buying a product that contains traces of toxic chemicals and can possibly harm us, you might want to think about making your own cosmetics.

Can you recycle make up? You can if you find it. There are companies online and in stores that will take your old powder and other cosmetic remnants and mix them together to create new, all natural products just for you. These companies use natural ingredients and do not add any parabens, dyes, alcohol, or fragrances to their makeup. Many of these companies will even send you the containers that they have created in your size to ensure that you receive the right formula for your skin type.

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If you are still worried about finding a company that will do this for you, there are others that will actually specialize in taking unwanted cosmetic remnants. These companies will carefully disassemble and clean your old powder, eyeshadow, and anything else that does not belong in your current beauty arsenal. They will then package and reassemble your items into usable products. Once they have your old items ready, they will deliver the same brand new items to you. Many of these companies will then sell these items directly to consumers at retail prices. The great thing about buying your new items straight from these companies is that they are very reasonable in price and do not break the bank.

Can you recycle make up? You can if you choose to. If you currently make your own cosmetics products, you know that many of the ingredients are still safe for you to use. This includes mineral oils, alcohols, fragrances, and preservatives. In fact, you may be surprised at just how good some of these products are for your skin.

Of course, you need to make sure that you read the ingredients labels on the product. This way you know that what ever it is that you are putting on your face, you are not adding anything that will harm you. So can you recycle make up? Of course!