Our articles are created using a mix of artificial intelligence and manual work, mostly to get the article published.

Here, is our process step by step.

  1. We export a list of keywords and search queries that people search on Google for.
  2. We input the list of keyword inside our AI writing helper and we let him do the magic, which means writing relevant titles and the whole article, from scratch.
  3. Our assistants upload the article to the website, add them to their specific category, make sure the youtube video is truly relevant (which is added by the AI assistant) and add a featured image.
  4. Articles are published!

What is the time to produce each article?

It takes around 3-4 minutes per article. Most of the time is spent by the human assistants upload the articles to the website, add a featured image and publish them!

Are the articles manually edited?

As we said, featured images are added. But other than that, NO! What you see is fully made by the AI. That being said, in the rare circumstances the AI fails to create an article (for instance, if it’s not relevant to the given keyword) our VA’s will trash them. But, the content published is never ever edited.

Can you make articles for me?

You can use our “request an article” form and, if not controversial, we will add your keywords to the genius assistant and publish your article on the website.