There are many Amazing Life hacks for cleanliness that can be used by everyone, at any given time. It’s not something that you are born with or is a gift from the gods. They are everyday tips and tricks that we as humans learn to use in our everyday lives. These simple tips may seem like little things, but they really go a long way, and it shows just how much effort people put into their hygiene.

First, what’s the first thing people do when they shower? They use a hand held shower head and fill it with warm water. This prevents the cold floor water from freezing their fingers and toes. It also helps to set the water’s temperature so it doesn’t get scalding hot. Some even have a thermostat to adjust the heat of the water to avoid scalding.

Another tip that is very important is rinsing your mouth out with water. It seems silly, but it’s true. All of the germs and dirt and other nasty substances in the water gets deposited on our tongue and around our mouths. By rinsing out all of this nasty stuff before brushing our teeth, we prevent ourselves from being tempted in the future.

Next, try not to drink water straight from the tap. Sure, you can take a cold, filtered water bottle with you everywhere, but why would you want to? Bottled water has been proven to leach toxins into our bodies, even when the label says it is “filtered.” I’m sure there are some good reasons for using filtered water, but why limit yourself? Just because you are ” filtering “it” doesn’t mean it isn’t loaded with all kinds of harmful bacteria!

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The bathroom is also a place where you should be very careful of dirty hands. If you have sweaty palms, then using a hand sanitizer is essential. Even just one ounce of the product will remove tons of germs and help you feel great. I think it’s crazy that we would all spend so much time and money trying to keep our hands clean, but the reality is, we do. It’s just something we learned from our parents.

Next thing to remember is to keep your receipts. What was going on in your wallet last week? Was it a lot of money spent on impulse items? Were you trying to impress someone? If so, stop doing those things.

Amazing life hacks are everywhere, but if you don’t use them, you will never find them! Use your brain and open your eyes. I know it sounds silly, but it’s true. Our lives are hokey and everything has a purpose, but if you don’t use what life has to offer, you are simply wasting it!

Finally, the final tip: surround yourself with people who love you. This is by far the most important aspect of the Amazing Life hacks book. Go out and have fun, be happy, and make good relationships. You will feel so much better inside if you do. Also, don’t get caught up in your job or your hobbies-just do something fun for you. The people around you will appreciate that and it will rub off on you.

Also, don’t worry about doing things perfectly. The more times you try, the better you will get. This will help you achieve more in your life, and that is the key to Happiness. Aim for no mistakes, and you can reach Amazing Life Hacks status faster than you think.

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Are there any other amazing life hacks that you have heard of? How would you use them? Can you think of other ways to live life better? What would you like to try, but haven’t yet? Whatever it is, make sure you take action today!

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