Strange Islands of the World is the latest novel by Kevin Dunn. It is written in a very fast pace and is full of adventure. The story starts off in Egypt, in the Delta. There have been disappeared and dead people found floating in the middle of the sea.

The next stop is Australia, which leads to the Himalayas and the Andes. There are also other great adventures in the land of the Amazon. There are also some amazing landmarks like the limestone columns in Rio, the extraordinary old church in Buenos Aires, and the National Park in Patagonia. Dunn has written many books about his travels and he has done his homework well on this one too. The book starts off in Egypt and takes to the exotic and extraordinary places around the world.

This book is not a typical travel story. It does not tell you about a mountain trek or climbing through the wilderness. This novel is about the people living in these places and their relationships with each other. We travel from place to place, sometimes staying for a while in one, and sometimes just taking a short holiday. The journey never ends because there is always something more to learn about the place we are visiting.

The story was intriguing and captivating. The author wrote it in such a way that even the casual reader would get engrossed in it. It is a unique story, told in a very unusual way.

One of the main characters in the story is Hector, whom we meet when we reach the Australian outback after a brief stay in Egypt. He is an ex-convict who has been made a member of the Women’s Volunteer Force. On his arrival in Australia, he is welcomed by the local people and given a place to live. He becomes involved in the community and gradually builds up a house and a job as a guide to expedite the construction of many tourist attractions in the area.

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As the story unfolds, we learn about the life of the men and women in these islands who seem to be at home. The setting is also exotic, with a number of interesting native plants, animals and birds. The author has managed to blend these elements with a bit of fantasy which adds to the excitement. His style of writing is clear and concise, yet the details are striking and the message is profound. This is a book that will not only touch the heart of its readers but also give them new understanding about life in the Middle East.

In the second half of the book, things take a turn for the worse. A tragic accident forces Hector to have an open heart surgery and in the process, he nearly dies. When he comes to, he is told that he has been chosen to represent the United Nations in Yemen. Things go badly and he almost loses his mind when he realizes that the people of Yemen are hostile towards foreigners.

All in all, this is a book that would appeal to a worldwide audience. It is very different from typical tales of travel and adventure and even at times seems a little far-fetched. Yet, it is very much worth a read because it is based on a true story. These stories will touch the reader’s heart and there is no doubt that the author succeeded in that goal. One must read this book with an open mind to discover the surprises that the author has in store.