Fifteen AWKWARD Minutes is an amazing collection of gorgeous makeups for women. If you have not noticed yet, it is the new year. It is time to try out the new look and to impress your peers. You do not need to wait for a special occasion to buy your makeup and to feel good about yourself. This beautiful makeup will simply bring out the real you.

You should start by selecting a make up kit that matches your taste and your skin tone. This makes it easier to buy and to wear. It is usually packed with a variety of shades of cosmetics such as eye shadow, lip color, blush, eyeliner, and more. Each item contains its own applicator brush so you can apply them just the way you like it. Some of these make up kits also contain a few bonus items such as eye shadow primer and a little lipstick case. This gives you a wide range of choices when it comes to applying your makeup.

Just by using these tips, it will be easy to transform yourself from dull to gorgeous in no time. Makeup will surely make you look like a million dollars. Just remember, the secret to having a make up look that you want is to have patience. The makeup will not change your appearance overnight. But once you find your rhythm, you will see that it will surely enhance your natural beauty.

Every morning, just before you go to work, it is recommended to apply your moisturizer. Your body needs hydration especially after a rigorous day at work. Applying a hydrating cream will keep you looking younger and prettier. Your face should also be moisturized to keep your skin soft and supple.

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If you do not feel comfortable putting on foundation and concealer, you can always opt for liquid foundations and concealers instead. It will still give your face structure and definition. Also, you may opt to use the classic pressed powder to set your makeup. Pressed powders are usually water-based so it is very easy to blend into your skin.

When choosing which eye shadow color to wear, it is best to choose something that will enhance your eye color. You can wear bright colors to make your eyes pop out or choose muted shades to make them look softer. When it comes to eyeliners, you can also try liquid liner and apply it to each eyelid. This will give you an instant eight-eight look.

Your lips should also be perfect. A little lip gloss is perfect to have a little more glamour on your lips. It can be applied while you are at sleep to make your lips look shiny. The gloss should also be somewhat water-based. Apply it with a brush to create a satin finish.

Last but not least, your nails should match your makeup. You can wear nail polish to create a glitzy, sparkly nails. You can even cover your nails with gel polish to get that glittery, manicured look. Use a little creativity to mix and match with your outfit and your makeup! It will add some spice to your already outrageous look. So go crazy with your makeup and get noticed!

If you want to bring even more fun to your outfit, pair it with a bold and beautiful color such as a deep orange and yellow dress. Orange and yellow go well together because they have a very fresh and bright look. They will look gorgeous when worn by women with dark skin and dark hair. They will also look amazing on women with light skin and blonde hair.

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For a more feminine touch, opt for a softer, natural shade of orange and yellow. These colors will make you look elegant, sophisticated, and absolutely stunning. They are ideal for evening parties and brunches. When paired with a cute yellow skirt, you will definitely make a splash!

As I said before, this list is by no means comprehensive. There are many other colors that will compliment and accentuate the colors that I have highlighted. What I have shown you are just some ideas. Use your creativity and your own sense of style to think of more combinations. The most important thing is that you have fun with it, and this is how you show that!